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Love to Fish? See What This Fisherman Did For His New Home

When you love something as much as this home’s owner loves fishing, you go to extreme measures. For some that might mean decorating an entire wing of the house in fishing memorabilia.Others might go so far as having their favorite fish tattooed somewhere personal on...

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Is 2017 A Good Year To Buy A Home?

Is 2017 A Good Year To Buy A Home in Salt Lake? Well, lets see....interest rates this week are hovering around 4%...still pretty low, home prices are inching up....and although it's a seller's market here in Utah, with the right agents (um......blatant commercial...

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Foreclosures in Utah-What’s a First Look Home?

We have talked about foreclosures in Utah for quite sometime now, both through blogging and on facebook and even tweetin it a few times.  One question we have been asked repeatedly is " What is a First Look Home...and why should I care?  It's a good question, so we...

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21 Hilarious Tweets That Only HGTV Fans Will Appreciate

Television is a fun break from reality. Coming home, kicking your shoes off and flipping on the boob tube is a great way to get away from your horrible job, family, life… unless you love the reality TV. Then, sadly, you’re bringing that world home... especially when...

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How To Lose Your Home in Less Than 10 Minutes

Most people think that having condo insurance is like having renter’s insurance, you need to cover your personal possessions and the rest is covered by the master policy of the HOA, right?  That’s what you pay your HOA dues every month for…well, sorta right.  Here in...

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Contingencies For Buying Homes In Salt Lake, Ut

    Buying a home in Salt Lake is an exciting experience, especially if it is your first home.  As you go through the process of home buying, however, there will inevitably be a point in time where you experience the "What Ifs". What if's" are those doubts that...

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Who Says Utahans Don’t Have Fun-Springville Ut Pool

This Springville Ut pool dispels any notion I ever had about Utahans not having fun (ok, I really don't have Any notions of that sort, but it looked good as the first sentence). I was totally dumbfounded though when I watched this on Animal Planet, cause I secretly...

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There’s A House For Everyone

The national trend over the last several years has been to downsize housing for several reasons, one among them being your carbon footprint (see we write articles that appeal to Everyone, right?)

While we agree that the age of the McMansion is over…

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