Ugliest Homes In America

Ugliest Homes In America

We always tell our buyer clients to visualize what the home would look like and to tune out the clutter.  Well, guys, if you can do it with these homes…You win the prize for being the most CREATIVE visualizer we know!  These homes are the ugliest homes in America…and with most of them I totally agree.  Fixable, yes, but ugly. , See The Ugliest Homes

So, Interested in turning the “ugliest homes” into the Charmers they deserve to Be?

We deal with investors and homeowners all the time who are looking to buy  “fixer uppers” , or the ugliest homes,  either to live in as their own home, or who want to try their hands at renovation and remodeling, but If you are thinking about diving in to “fixer uppers” you don’t have to go this far. There are lots of options from repaint and re carpet (cosmetic renovation) to I’m ready to take this puppy down to the studs and start over kind of homes (total renovation and restoration buffs). There are also loans to help you turn your sow’s ear into the silk purse (wow, do I have the cliche’s today).  Check out our post “How To Buy A Home And Get The Money To Fix It Up” to see what FHA 203k loans can help you with.  These loans allow you to finance repairs and improvements on your “ugliest home” into the first mortgage so you end up with only 1 mortgage payment.  There are restrictions here, though, so read the article to see if this applies to you. So, no matter which kind of DIYer you are..Sign up here for our “Fixer Upper List”, tell us what kind you are looking for, and we will find it for you at no charge…nada, nothing, no obligation, promising of first born children, just good info and help. Go On…Sign Up right below

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Fixer Upper Homes In Salt Lake City, UT

Fixer Upper Homes In Salt Lake City, UT

Fixer Uppers are a great way for first time homebuyers or in fact any homebuyers to take a home in need of a little “TLC”, add your own personality and style and make a home not only speak to you, but increase in value as well.

If you intend on making your fixer upper home your permanent residence (owner/occupant), there are loans available such as FHA 203k loans that allow you not only to purchase the home, but get the money to make the repairs and improvements as well.

Rehab Homes that need your attention and love (think Charlie Brown Christmas tree here) come in all sizes and conditions, so no matter whether you are thinking a little paint and carpet or you are buying your sledge hammer as we speak to gut and rebuild, start here with finding your fixer upper home.  Fill out the form below, and gain instant access to homes that need tender loving care in Salt Lake.  Oh, and if you have questions, call or text us at 801.819.9005.
As buyers agents, we just love to answer questions from…well, buyers….cause that’s what we do! And…it costs you nothing to ask us or even use us! So go on, fill out the form, ask us questions, and get moving on that fixer upper while interest rates are at an all time low!